Hi, I'm David.

And I am bad at keeping my website up to date. 😅 Maybe you'd rather look at my LinkedIn? (So corporate, I know...) If not, take a look at what's here, even if it is out of date.

I’m a I was a design technologist. (Funny sounding profession, right?) I (still) care about breaking big, confusing ideas into easy-to-understand chunks. I believe that design is more about how a thing works than its appearance.

What I'm up to

Right now, I’m building In the past I was building a design system for web applications that gobble up data from huge, industrial machines at GE Digital.

It’s called Predix UI.It was called Predix UI. If you want(ed) to build an app that helps keep an eye on your wind turbines or jet engines or other giants things, check it out.

What I've done

In the past, I’ve worked with some amazing people also debugging huge systems (mostly human ones):

I spent a few years at Code for America helping governments build systems that work for real people. We worked to simplify the criminal justice system so people could get out of jail and stay out of jail, to remove barriers for people who want to improve their home, but don’t understand the permits and inspections required before they start, and on some other complex problems.

Long ago, in a far-off land (… Kentucky), I worked in media designing digital news apps and newspaper pages for Gannett. I was even a reporter for a bit, with a pen and a skinny notepad and everything.

Side projects

I can’t say no to friends with big ideas and big hearts.

I’ve pitched in to help people across the U.S. get help paying their water bills so they could turn the tap back with Tiffani at The Human Utility.

I’ve built a new website and an analytics platform that separate real listener habits from noise with Clara for Radio Ambulante, the world’s largest Spanish-language podcast.

(I like side projects. A little too much.)

Say hi

I’m not available for side work right now. Sorry! But I do love to chat about cool ideas.